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Mettâtations and The Shi Hou practice are the unique integration of six practices, philosophies, and systems (Positive Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, Movement, Pranic Breathwork, and Touch) into one new type of practice where you actively and directly cultivate peace, love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, courage, wisdom, strength, freedom, and more.
Mettatations are both similar to and different from traditional meditation, yoga, and pranic breath exercises. Mettatations are dynamic in that they integrate the best of Eastern and Western Practices, Science, Psychology, and Philosophy into a single type of practice. The integration of the six systems give Mettatations extraordinarry power, yet they are incredibly easy to learn and practice. Mettatating is easier than traditional meditation, yoga, and pranic breath exercises, yet you will feel the benefits immediately and when you get deeper into your mettatation practice you will be amazed at the long-term benefits.
The power of Mettatations comes from the integration of Positive Psychology with the physical and mental practices. Unlike traditional meditation where you focus on the mind (and not the body) and traditional hatha yoga where you focus on the body (and not the mind), Mettatations bring the two of these together with the additional power of touch, all based on Positive Psychology research. The strongest parts of your being are your mind and heart. Mettatations bring this power into action. Mettatations are specifically designed and developed to help you actively and directly cultivate Peace, Love, Compassion, Strength, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Courage, Freedom, and Wisdom in your Mind-Body-Spirit. Mettatations actively focus on turning these positive virtues into positive actions in every area of your life. You will feel amazing when you start mettatating and you will bring more peace, health, happiness, and connection into your life.

Mettatation practices are also unique in that they can easily be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone. We can't wait for you to experience the benefits of Mettatations and for you to discover the unlimited power of your mind-body-spirit. Your Mettatations practice has the power to energize, heal, develop, and rejuvenate your life. You won't believe how easy it is until you try it, then you'll wonder why no one has ever taught you this before. You will love the positive changes that you can easily bring to your life.

You can listen to and watch Mettatation recordings and videos on the practices page and at the bottom of this page. At the bottom of this page you can also learn more about each part of the mettatations practice and the nine virtues that we focus on cultivating.
If you want to have more Peace, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Self-esteem, Courage, Strength, Freedom, Gratitude, Happiness and Wisdom in your life every moment of every day, then Mettatations can help you cultivate these positive virtues in just minutes a day. We are honored to bring this positive life-changing program to you and can't wait to see and hear about how Mettatations transforms your life. Peace, Love, and Happiness is just a breath away.

Wishing You Peace, Love, and Compassion,

Steve Dietrich

May your Mind be full of Peace, your Body full of Love, and your Heart full of Compassion.


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Here are some Mettatations to get you started:

There are more videos and audio Mettatations on the Mettatation Practices Page.

A Brief Introduction to Mettatations (3:46)


Full Introduction and Practice (18:19)


A Quick Intro and Practice (6:42)



A Beautiful Morning

Being Open

Night Mettatation
Relax and fall asleep.


Mettatations Help You Cultivate These Virtues and More

Mettatations have goals: to help you increase your happiness, mental and emotional health, and to help you have more positve emotions, relationships, and meaning in your life. The virtues below are the things that make life more enjoyable and fuller. Mettatations help teach you how you can continuously cultivate more of these in your life. You will have more health, happiness, and well-being in every area of your life. In just moments with Mettatations you can increase all of the virtues listed below throughout every aspect of your life.


Peace is a cornerstone to a happy life. When you have more peace in your life you have more control in making your life the life you want. Your health is better, your relationships are better, your decisions are better.


Love is the answer. It all goes back to love. To learn to truly love, honor, and take care of yourself and others. When you feel love, everything in your life is easier.


Compassion for yourself and for others. Often we need to step outside of ourselves and see the bigger picture so that we can understand what truly is happening. We all make mistakes, we all want love, we all what to contribute.


Forgiveness for ourselves and others. Forgiveness can be a challenge. We need to learn how to manage our egos and let go of attachments. To focus on the future, positive solutions, and the things we can positively affect.


Gratitude is one of the keys to health and happiness. We are all dependent on one another and this planet. There are so many things and people to be grateful for, and when we practice gratitude we realize our connection to others and ourselves.


Freedom from Judgement - Freedom from self-judgement and judging others. We label things as good or bad too soon. We avoid discomfort when sometimes we need to deal with it and look for the lessons. We are all sacred, we are all learning, life is a constant growing journey to enjoy.


We need to develop our Strength and Confidence so that we can pursue our dreams. We all face challenges and we need the strength to take care of ourselves and do the work we need to do to full, happy, healthy lives.


Courage to live your life. Courage to stand up for what is right. Courage to follow your dreams and be the person you were meant to be, to reach your highest potential.


Wisdom to make good decisions. Wisdom to act, not to react. Wisdom to appreciate and respect everyone and everything in this world. And to act in it's best interest.

The Foundations of Mettatations

Mettâtations are the integration of several practices into new healing, restorative, and energizing practices. To understand the practice fully, you can examine the individual and integration of the different components listed below. Mettatations are powerful and multi-faceted practices directly connecting the internal (mind, body, spirit), external (others/world), and universal; with the past, present, future.

Positive Psychology

How we use our mind to help ourselves flourish is the most important thing to master. Happiness only comes from within our mind. What we think about things is more important than the thing that happens. Let's actively build positive thoughts and turn them into positive actions.


Air is literally energy. We take the breathe, the air for granted. The air we breathe holds the energy of the universe. We can bless the air we breathe and use it to heal and rejuvenate our body and mind.


Touching is essential for normal human development. Yet, in many cultures we don't touch. Unfortunately, touch, like love, can be misunderstood and make people uncomfortable. Yet it is an extremely powerful energy source that we can use to heal and energize our body and mind.


Movement during Mettâtation. Movement helps us to directly access the energy in our body so that we can replace it with positive energy. Movement is encouraged in Mettâtations. Move and do what makes your body feel good!


The meditation part of mettâtation practices is different. Mettâtations have a goal. Instead of trying to create space from our thoughts, we are actively creating positive thoughts and energy within our mind, body, and hearts.


Mettâtations fall under the larger 'Yoga' umbrella. It is a combination of the branches of Yoga into a new practice with the added advantage of integrating the latest benefits of positive psychology research. Move, Breathe, Live Well.



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Mettatations brought to you in association with:

The Shi Hou Practice
The Shi Hou Practice

The Shi Hou Practice, is the 'practice within the practice' of Mettatations. When you get deeper into your Mettatations practice you can learn to heal past emotional traumas in addition to cultivating.

Love Tao Mind
Love Tao Mind

Love Tao Mind is the more philosophical look at life that is associated with Mettatations, The Shi Hou Practice, and LifeShaping101.


LifeShaping101 is a life-coaching process built on the foundations of Mettatations.